Jan 4, 2009

Nungguin siapa?

Begitu denger lagu ini, rasanya 'CRINK' gitu di hati.
Bukan 'CRINK' lagi tepatnya. Tapi CRINK CRINK JREEEENNGGG...!!!
Kayaknya ada yang nyalain bohlam di kepala.
Beuh. Nyindir amat ni lagu x(

let's take a walk tonight
we're gonna talk this out
the moon is holding up my alibis

so what if you're with her tonite?
so what if I can't be there?
you were never really with me anyway

with hopes of starting over
(I'll send you post card when I get there)
anywhere anywhere
far from you

one day I will find you even when you're not around
don't say "we won't last any longer"
or "you will find someone better"
it's you that I'm waiting for
so I'll wait for you
take notes that we'll still have each other
we'll drive away

(I can't let you go if you keep holding my hand)

let's give this one last shot
before I break your heart
the moon is down
so no more alibis

don't bother to explain it
I don't care anymore
you know what's fun is fun
I know what's done is done
don't let the story end this way
so let's just forget it
let's just pretend it

Lagunya Pee Wee Gaskins, pemirsoo...
Salah satu band kesukaan saya, yang-entah-kenapa, liriknya slalu nyerempet2 pengalamanku.


Sini ayo nyanyi sama aku! ;P

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