Nov 19, 2011

Day 5 - Your Dreams

Firstly, I have to say so sorry sorry sorry soooooorry....

They said: "Hello! We are Super Junior and please give your apologize to dearest Ninis :'("

I'm so sorry for being not consistent. I told you I will write about some categories at '30 days of writing' project consecutively at this post.
And it's failed.
It should be written everyday consecutively but I just posted anything at this blog just like what I think at that time. I just became so lazy and haven't any idea to post according to the list.
So I broke the rule. *brb slap my beautiful face*

Now, I started to describe about my dreams.
When I was child, I want to be a doctor and I have a thousand friends that want to be a doctor too. I think it's fun and sweet to work at the same place together. Friendship like a cocoon (persahabatan bagai kepompong -____-)
But as we grow up, I finally knew that it's not reasonable. So, I decided to be an engineer someday. Civil engineer. Yeah Amin.

Then I dream about my future. I dream a lot about where will I live in.
About which country will I travel to.
About what will I do.
About what will I smile or cry with.
About my husband, my son, my family at the future.
About what will I contribute to this earth.
About how will I meet orangutans after all :)

I wish wish wish my dreams will be come true.
Maybe tomorrow, two weeks again, a month later, a year...or in several years later.

ps: sorry for my bad english! :p


Erika Nur Fradilla said... Reply

pengen ketemu orang utan ya nis?
main2 di kalimantan aja,,

ninisnyus said... Reply

iya mau elik... pengen diglayotin xD